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Lightning fast setup.
Merchant accounts can take days or weeks to setup. Setup an easyMerchant account and start accepting payments today.

No monthly fees.
Eliminate monthly charges or account minimums. easyMerchant only costs you the transaction fee and nothing more :-).

Managed by us.
Simply signup for easyMerchant when you create an account with LeagueAthletics.com, and let us take care of the rest.

What is easyMerchant?
easyMerchant, allows your sports organization to use SportsSignup Play's credit card processing for your online sports registration and volunteer background checks instead of obtaining a third party Merchant Account. Registration/merchandise proceeds are electronically deposited into your sports organization's bank account 4x a monthly, and a detailed statement of activity is emailed to the administrator noted in the SportsSignup Play system. With this option, your SportsSignup Play account can be easily reconciled with your monthly bank statements..

Why choose easyMerchant?

  • Easy and Instant Activation - easyMerchant is the perfect solution for sports organizations that don't have the time or the inclination to go through the Merchant Account application process. easyMerchant simplifies credit card processing, allowing you to move on to the next task. 
  • Easy Bank Statement Reconciliation - The integrated SportsSignup Play statement gives you all of the activity on your account, making reconciling your bank statements a breeze.
  • Temporary Credit Card Processing - easyMerchant can be used as an interim solution if your organization has applied for a third-party Merchant Account and is waiting for approval.
  • No Application Hassle - easyMerchant can be activated by simply acknowledging basic terms of use and providing deposit details. In-depth documentation about your organization is not necessary when selecting easyMerchant.
  • Create Payment Plans - easyMerchant allows you to create re-occuring payments online, meaning you can now offer payments plans to your registrants during their online registration process. (only available with easyMerchant)
  • Easier and Safer Than Checks - Once a credit card is validated and the transaction is processed, the funds are guaranteed...no need to worry about checks that bounce.

Getting Started with easyMerchant

To use easyMerchant, complete the following three steps:

  1. Electronic Payment Agreement - Unless we have one on files, you will need to complete and submit an Electronic Payment Agreement to SportsSignup Play. This agreement allows us to deposit the credit card proceeds into your bank account. 

  2. Click the "Activate" button on the Merchant Account Information Page, which prompts you to accept the terms and then activates easyMerchant. 

  3. Complete and accept your Refund policy